Vonix Networks provides high quality international calls over the internet, with low cost rates, using a cross-platform and user-friendly mobile dialer application.Voice communication has always been an effective mode of communication regardless of industry.The voice solution allows you to reach the masses in minutes. Yes! You read it right, with our top-notch voice solution you can reach a large number of people in an instant by voice calls. It is actually a process through which an organization or an individual by making voice calls to a list of contacts without the requirement to manually dial each number. In a nutshell, with voice calls, you can deliver your message in the most effective way within minutes, that too, without much investment of time and resources.

A-Z Terminations

When carriers and service providers alike choose Vonix Networks for their international needs, they can expect to receive access to a full range of products, flexible interconnection options and strong, market-driven pricing, as well as superior carrier class service and support.

Standard A-Z

Designed primarily for cost-conscious retail operators and voice resellers, our A-Z voice services feature our direct and select routes coupled with full A-Z termination coverage at our most aggressive pricing. Vonix Networks A-Z combines complete global code coverage and advanced routing to deliver both quality and value to our customers.

Direct and Select

Vonix Networks Direct and Select administers high-quality termination coverage to an increasing number of key countries around the globe. Direct and Select routes are a limited footprint of actively managed termination destinations chosen to meet price and voice quality demands of retail-grade customers. These destinations include areas that Powernet has significant long-term partnerships with and can provide route stability in a constantly changing market.

Premium A-Z

Vonix Networks Premium provides the highest-quality A-Z voice termination via multiple U.S. Tier 1 and international carrier relationships. Premium offers white routes with high-level Average Call Duration (ACD), Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR) and Network Effectiveness Ratio (NER). This product provides customers exceptional service with the highest possible quality/price ratio in this market. Premium is ideal for those carriers that only have a few vendors in routing for their international termination needs.

Short Duration

Our short duration termination service is specifically designed for carriers who have dialer and outbound call center traffic that require a cost-effective, stable and long-term outbound termination solution for their business. With Vonix Networks, you'll experience Tier 1 call quality on high velocity, short duration (HVSD) calls without incurring costly short duration fees.

IVR System and Voice Broadcasting

Vonix Networks IVR is a technology that automates interactions with The calls. Enterprises are increasingly shifting to IVR to reduce the cost of common sales, service, collections, inquiry and support calls to and from their company. Vonix Networks IVR systems have the advantage of making callers and customers feel like they are being attended to, even if it is just by a machine.

Vonix Networks IVR system can help to direct customers to the right support channel they need.(for example: Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for promos, Press 5 to talk to an executive, etc.) Imagine having a telephone banking IVR that allows you to perform various transactions, including bill payments, account information, money transfer and so on without human intervention. Below diagram shows how IVR works on multiple line of Telco like Analog Line, PRI Line or GSM gateway. IVR system can also work with the SIP based, DID number having SIP credentials.

Call Center Services

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